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Legal Call Center Services

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    Customized Call Center Services for Law Firms

    Our legal call center services at Reciprocity are tailored specifically for law firms to maximize their ROI and ensure clients are being helped and retained!
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    Case Intake and Quality Assurance for Legal Clients

    We take care of clients through every step of the intake process! Take a walk-through of Reciprocity's legal call center process and see how we strive for efficiency in all our services.

Why Choose Us?

We've got legal call center services down to a science! Our mission is efficiency, accuracy, and empathy when working with the people calling who into our call center. Our professionals take great lengths to make sure leads meet case qualifications, information is taken down correctly, and clients are treated with the utmost respect. We make a point to put our best foot forward, knowing that we're not just representing our company, but your law firm, as well. 

Locally-Based Call Center

While we're located in the heart of downtown Billings, MT, the Trailhead of Montana, we serve law firms nationwide.

Intake Professionals and Case Managers

We have 30 seats in our call center filled by trained legal professionals who can easily guide clients throughout the intake process.

Legal Intake

We offer customized intakes to fit your firm's needs and requirements! We have dedicated lines for specific campaigns and thoroughly train our staff in the various case qualifications.

Custom Intake Software

We use an intake software called Caseopp, a custom-program our development team designed to cater to legal clients. Caseopp brings a fresh approach to legal intake software and maintains case efficiency and management.


"They were so amazing. I couldn't get phone calls so they did most of the work over text messages. I'm really looking forward to working with them."

Reciprocity's Legal Call Center Services

Reciprocity's legal call center services feature premier benefits to meet your law firm's goals. We offer personalized solutions to fit the needs of every campaign so you only get the best results. We ensure that every client has both a case manager, and we regularly monitor calls for quality assurance.

Text Messaging Response Option

All Languages Supported

Web Response

Lead Follow-Up

New Client Intake Services

Contract Services

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